Our company has rich expertise in most of the current software technologies. We have strong proficiency experts in web applications with Java, database management systems and web solutions. This expertise was achieved in more than 5 years of delivering high quality software solutions and services.

We successfully engage in developing and implementing a wide variety of software solutions, such as:

and Web applications

Large-scale, multi-tiered, scalable, reliable and secure applications

JAVA for the Enterpise

Java is the main platform in most of the high-level IT projects.
It is used for developing and delivering of applications from embedded and mobile, games and web content to software components and services which are critical for Governments and Enterprises worldwide.

In many of our projects Java implementations and frameworks are the technology solution to the business needs.

Our talented software engineers are specialists in latest developments of the software stack:
• Java EE 6/7
• Java frameworks – Hibernate, Spring, Struts
• Java application servers – JBoss/Wildfly, WebLogic, Tomcat, WebSphere, Jetty
• Java Server Faces and related Faces-based frameworks like Primefaces
• JPA and JDBC
• Java Security – Spring Security, Shiro
• Java development environments – Eclipse, Intellij IDEA, NetBeans

Database management systems

Over the past years, we have gained a very strong expertise in using database management systems like:
• Microsoft SQL Server
• Oracle
• SQLite
• PostgreSQL

We have expertise in:
• Databases administration
• Databases design
• Synchronization tools and frameworks
• Backup & restore policies
• Performance optimization
• High-availability design and implementation

Mobile applications

Mobile applications, mobile games and mobile solutions

Mobile solutions

Mobile applications, mobile games and mobile solutions have gained lately a lot of focus in the software industry due to fast paced increasing market for mobile devices and the users demand to have access from such devices to high quality content and services. It is becoming a standard today to have the software solutions supporting the mobile devices.
At M-code, we are involved in developing software applications for various mobile platforms:
• Apple iOS (iPad/iPhone)
• Google Android
• Microsoft Windows Phone
• Microsoft Windows RT/Surface
Our projects in this area target the development of both native mobile applications and cross-platform web applications optimized for the mobile world.
M-code can fully cover “in house” additional activities specific to mobile solutions implementation:
• Testing of the mobile applications, including the development of test automation suites.
• Compliance certification for app stores
• Publishing to application stores
• Maintenance in the application stores

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Bulgaria probably the best place in EU to start a near-shore IT project - we share the European values and culture, we have a great IT infrastructure, we speak fluent English, we have a very good pool of IT engineers and we are easy to reach from any European country.

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