Because each client has its own specific needs, our offer includes all types of activities related to software development solutions. We provide:

• Requirements analysis
• Solution design and architecture
• Planning
• User interface design
• Software development
• Data migration
• Quality Assurance

• Testing
• Training
• Documentation
• Installation/Deployment/Publishing
• Systems integration and consolidation
• Migration, performance tuning and porting
• Support and Maintenance

Web applications

Mobile applications

Database management systems

Solutions for Bank and Finance clients

Nearshore with M-code

Nearshore with M-code provides important benefits to our clients:

Costs optimization

Especially the costs associated with IT specialists resources


in resources allocation

Easier and real-time


Online and Ontime collaboration

between remote European distributed teams

Nearshoring doesn’t necessarily overcome all of the barriers, but the geographical proximity of the teams makes room for higher flexibility to align and execute together to reach the project goals, along with building a trustful long-term relationship with our customers.
M-code will help you maximize the benefits of nearshoring software development in Bulgaria due to its extensive expertise in providing such services and its proven ability to deliver high quality services, on-time.
We have successfully completed many nearshore projects.
We use a software development project strategy, which is based on a close collaborative work between our specialists and the customers, targeting:
• Clear identification of the project goals and project requirements
• Fast and Flexible Organization of the nearshore project (team, environment, communication etc.)
• Provide maintainance and support service on-demand, taking full benefits of the nearshoring advantages.

Working Models

We offer a variety of Working Models designed to fulfill all potential needs of our customers and partners. While most of the time we setup dedicated nearshore teams for our clients, we can also deliver other engagement models:

Fixed price Model

Fixed price model is recommended when the project scope and the deliverables specifications are clearly defined.
For such projects, the allocated resources and the timeline is known and the assumption is that they will not be changed significantly during the project lifecycle.

Dedicated team Model

This working model is used for many nearshore projects, when the business needs a dedicated team which has to be managed by the client.
The client will decide how the team allocation on tasks is done, what is the project methodology to be used and the planning of the work. The client will also be involved in deciding the team composition. We recommend to use this model for longer term needs (9+ months).

Time & material Model

It is recommended to use this working model when the projects specifications are changed frequently and the volume of the resources allocated varies significantly during the project lifecycle.
It is an engagement model that provides flexible options to the clients to respond to significant changes in the project scope.

Milestone-based Model

This model is recommended for projects where intermediary delivery control is required or recommended (first time outsourcing, for example). The client will evaluate the intermediate deliveries and will control the scope and the costs for the next milestone(s).